Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Three Kings Day

Letter Sent January 6, 2011

Dear Family,

Happy Three Kings Day! I am sorry that I wasn't able to send you an email today. Today is Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico which is like Christmas Eve is in the states. We could not send emails because everything closed for the holiday.

This is the night when the Three Kings come and by and leave their gifts. It's like the 24th and Santa Claus but better. In order for the Kings to stop at your house you have to fill a box full of grass or hay. Then you put the box in your closet or under your bed. In the night the Kings come by and they leave you a coll gift. I think its an awesome tradition! i say that we do that in our family when I get back.

Anyways, you are probably all dying to hear about Alexia's baptism. It was so incredible! It had to be on of the BEST baptismal services that I have ever attended. By far, the best part of the baptism was when both Andres and Alexia were in the water and Andres raised his arm and recited the words of the prayer. He then ever so gently lowered his wife into the water and raised her again. There was an amazing and sweet spirit of peace in the room. What I saw and witnessed was the plan of God - a family together embarking onto the path that will lead them back home to our Heavenly Father.

On Sunday, Andres blessed the sacrament and said the prayer and administered the sacrament perfectly. It was his first time and he was concerned to do it right, but it was perfect. Then Alexia was confirmed and once again there was just his feeling of love and peace that came into the room. Alexia said that she had to hold back the tears becasue she had never felt something so powerful. Andres was so happy! All he wanted was for his wife to be baptized! When she told us a few weeks ago that she wasn't going to get baptized I felt so awful. I could just see the face of the Ward Mission Leader in Vega Baja whose wofe had not joined the church. It was so hard to remember his pain and I did not want Andres to have to feel that pain as well. But we were blessed that she and her mom were both touched by the spirit and that she made the decision to get baptized.

We passed by and visited with them a few days ago and they were both so excited about the gospel, finding the church, and sharing this covenant together as a family. Alexia asked us how long they needed to wait to go to the temple. They know that is the next step and they are so excited.

We are still working with Raul and Nelly. We have decided that every time we visit and Nelly has not read the Book of Mormon we are going to read it with them. Raul has a baptismal date of the 30th and we are going to get her there as well.

I have to get going. We are going out to start work early today.

I love you family! Happy Three Kings Day!

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