Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hola my family and my friends

This weekend was an amazing spiritual weekend and I can't get over the amount of spiritual feast that we had to partake of. I absolutely loved conference and I hope that you did too!

At the start of my email I would like to apologize. This email is not going to be very good. I have like no time to write because it is almost 6 o'clock here which means it's time to go work again. But I will try to do the best I can at filling you in on my activities and learning experiences during the past week.

Well thank you so much mom, dad, and Jenny for your emails and for your love and support. It was great to hear from you all and it was great to hear that you loved conference. I actually didn't have time to read your emails as well as I would have liked. Would it be possible for you guys to mail your emails to me?! I know that's ridiculous but we can't print them and though I read every word, I didn't have time to be nourished by every word.

Conference was so amazing! I loved all of the sessions. Each one was special in it's own way but I especially loved the feelings and messages that were shared. It seems that God wants us to know that He loves us and He really is there! I can't believe how amazing this conference was. It seemed so different from the last one and I don't know why. As hard as it was to be away from home this weekend I still felt your love during conference.

We watched conference at the Stake Center in Mayaguez. They had a TV for the missionaries in English so we could understand. The sessions were all amazing. I can't get over how good the talks were! I wanted to be home during Elder Bednar's talk so I could try out his new advice. And holy cow! President Monson's talk in priesthood session pretty much changed my life (along with his talk Sunday morning). I loved conference so much and I am glad that we all had the chance to be spiritually nourished this week.

I know that you all have about as much time as me -- that is no time, But it would be great if you wanted to talk about your favorite talk. Write me and tell me why you liked it! I promise I will write you back. One of my favorite parts about conference is sharing my feelings with those close to me. So yeah and holy cow, can you believe Elder Holland!. Yeah, he blew us all away too!

Just so you know, they don't change the times for the sessions here. We just watch them live with you guys. Which means we watched them during the times that we usually don't have the sessions in Utah. That was a little weird but it was cool too. Priesthood session got out at 10:00. Can you believe that!!!!

Anyways conference was amazing. I wish that I could talk about it more but alas I have no time to write. So a quick update on my area and then I'm out of here. I am so sorry this email is so short. I love you so much and I actually feel sad for not being able to write you more. Just know that I love you OK?

Anywho this week was awesome. Wilton and Myra are going to be baptized on Saturday and it is going to be absolutely amazing. I cannot wait. The experience that we have had with them has been amazing. The Lord has truly been instrumental in leading us to His children who need to enter the waters of baptism. That is going to be great!

A cool story from this week was that I had a companionship exchange with the Elders in the area closest to ours. I was in charge of all the lessons that day because I was the one who stayed in our area. I was so scared and so nervous that I wouldn't be able to talk right or communicate the things which we needed to, but the Lord blessed me so much and my Spanish was actually pretty darn good. I feel stupid for not having more faith but I want you to know that God lives! He is our Father in Heaven and He knows us and He loves us. I love you all so much and I hope that you feel His love too!

I'm glad that BYU won. I hope that they do well this week.

Like I said, my email was going to be brief today and I am so sorry. But I want to leave you all with a quick scripture reference before I go. It's in D&C 25 verse 10. It's a good scripture to have in mind, especially after the things that we have heard this past week in conference. I hope that we can all seek faith and not the world. I hope that we can all become a little better because of this conference like President Monson said.

I love you all and I am praying for you so much. I am sorry again that this letter is short. I promise that next week will be amazing. Speaking of next week, we have transfers so my pday will be on Tuesday not Monday next week. But more importantly, I am pretty sure that I am going to be transferred. So if you are planning to send me a letter, you might want to send it before Saturday or I will never get it.

I love you all. I know that the Lord will bless you for your love and support! Don't forget the feelings that you felt this past week in conference because that's exactly what satan wants you too do!!!!

Work hard and pray hard! I love you all forever.

Your son, brother, friend and missionary,

Elder Oviatt!

Thanks and sorry again! I love you guys!

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