Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter and General Conference! how lucky are we!!!!

March 29, 2010

Happy Easter Family and Friends,

I am not really sure how to say Happy Easter in Papiamento. All I know is how to say "holy week." Most people here are still in their catholic traditions and that's how they celebrate it. I am actually really impressed with the way that most people have planned to put their lives on hold and focus on the Savior this week and His sacrifice for us. I am so thankful for our Savior and for the resurrection. The fact is that because of Him we have the opportunity to live again after this life, and to be with our families forever. What a great blessing that is to us! Truly this act is the greatest expression of love that has ever been shown! I wish you all a Happy Easter! Enjoy the candy . . . but also the spiritual candy that we get on Saturday and Sunday!

I can't believe that it is conference weekend again already. It has come so fast! That's incredible! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were having October conference. Man time is just flying by. Ii almost want it to stop going by so fast. Before you know it it will be October again! I can't believe it!

Anyways, this week is transfers. I already told some of you about this possibility but now it is set in stone. So I will be the in the only companionship left on Curacao and will be serving a new companion. There will be two of us covering the whole island. And we are absolutely pumped to get to work. I am sad to see my time with Elder Jacobson come to an end. He is such a great missionary. But my new companion is great too! His name is Elder Wilkes and he is from Boise. He gets here on Wednesday but he was with me in Aruba and he and I got along really well so I know that we are both very excited.

So yeah, just us on the island. It is going to be a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of hard work done. But also to work a lot with the members. The area I am at right now is on the edge of the big city and covers about 3/4 of the island. The area has about 10 members in it. So being able to cover the whole island and work with everyone is going to be a lot of fun!

As far as the people in my area, The Burnabella family is doing just great. They are still working on their plans for the trip to Venezuela. Their faith is so strong that I know that everything is going to work out just the way that it should. They still haven't settled anything with the members in Venezuela but they are going to set it up in the next few days which should be exciting for all of us. We went over last week and Sister Burnabella asked if we would give her a Book of Mormon that she could share with her mom. She wrote her testimony in the Book of Mormon and gave it to her mother. This Sunday her mom came with her to church and she absolutely loved it! We are really excited to start working with her mom but we are also really excited to see the way that their testimonies have grown and to see the desire which they have to share the gospel! This family is going to be a strong family here for a long time and I am pumped.

We found a new lady named Erene this week. I love this story because she is reading and studying the Book of Mormon every single day and the light and happiness that has come into her life is just incredible. She knows that the Book of Mormon is true and she wants so badly to come to church. The hard part is that not a lot of people here have cars and so it is hard for her to get the 30 minute ride to church from one of her friends. The good news is that close by there are some members (the Royer family) who catch a bus to church so we are going to get them over to visit Erene this week and set something up. It is going to be awesome!

Anywho, that's about all that I have time for this week. We don't have a lot of time because 5 of the missionaries have to pack up and get ready to fly out tonight so I promised that I would be fast!

I love you guys! Have such a great week! And a great conference weekend. And have a lovely Easter weekend!

I love you guys so much! Have a great week!

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