Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our new friend Renald! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

February 8, 2010

Hey family and friends,

First off, a huge and heart felt apology to Dad. I'm really sorry that I didn't wish you a happy birthday last week. I totally didn't realize that the 6th was before I would email again. Don't worry, I will now start to write these things down a week before so I don't make that mistake again. But I just wanted you to know that I love you so much and that I hope you had the most amazing birthday ever! Happy Birthday Dad! You're still a young crazy guy in my book, no matter how old you get.

Well this week was just an awesome week full of miracles. The best part of this week
was that we found and set a baptismal date with our new friend Renald. We met Renald
on Thursday and had the baptismal date set with him on Friday. For the missionaries like Mckay in places where you baptize a ton of people that may be normal. But for me that was something that I have never seen in my life in the mission. It was so cool. But even cooler was the way that it happened. On Thursday we taught him a first lesson we found him when we were knocking on doors. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he absolutely loved it. We committed him to read it and set the next appointment for a few days later.

On Friday we had planned to work with the ward mission leader to try and pump a little life into our investigators. We wanted to help them to see that no, Mormons aren't just teenage boys wearing white shirts and ties, but we are in fact normal people. Hahah!

Anyways, we had 3 appointments set up for Friday night all in a row. When we called the investigators in the afternoon to confirm the appointments, they all dropped. Every single one of them dropped. I was so discouraged. We had already changed the day on the ward mission leader and he said that Friday was the only other day that he could do it this week. Our focus this week was to work with the members and so we were both a little worried that the plan we had planned for all week had just fallen apart. We said a prayer and immediately we both thought of Renald.

We ran back to our apartment to meet up with the mission leader. We didn't have time
to set up an appointment with Renald but on the way over I was praying my heart out
that we would be able to work with the ward mission leader in the way that God wanted
us to. We pulled up to Renald's house and he came out and invited us right in. He was
really excited to see the members. We read 3 Nephi chapter 11 with him because he told us how much he loved and was interested in the Book of Mormon. We read the chapter and we really focused on baptism. The members were explaining things so well and the spirit was just so amazing.

We talked about baptism and how we need to be baptized with the true authority of Jesus Christ. He told us that he had already been baptized, but that he knew what we were telling him was true. He told us he didn't care how many times he has to get baptized, he'll do it again and again until he's baptized in the right way. This man is absolutely golden and we are just pumped.

We set the baptismal date for the 27th and he along with the members and us were just
amazing. I was so thankful that the Lord led us to Renald and that the members were
able to have such an amazing missionary experience. The coolest part of that experience perhaps was that one of the members with us had just come to Renald's house a few weeks earlier to fix his TV. Right away there was a trust and a connection which is crucial for any investigator. I know that all of our hard work and all of our prayers this transfer paid off this week when we received this ultimate blessing from the Lord. We met him Thursday and set the baptismal date on Friday. He had some car troubles and wasn't able to come to church on Sunday but I know he is golden and that he wants to be a member of the true Church of Christ! It's lessons like that keep you coming back for more and I love it.

We also had a cool experience right after that. We went to see Vivian Angela and she
had been having car troubles all day. It just so happened that she needed a new
connecting tube in her car and the ward mission leader had the exact tube she needed.
It was way cool because we both felt that we needed to go check up on Vivian and it
ended up saving her about 100 bucks. The lord knows and loves His children. There is
no doubt about that in my mind at all.

Our other investigators are doing well. Junice kind of blew us off this week so we are going to have to go back tomorrow and check out what happened with that. But Andres is doing good. He is progressing, slowly but surely, he is progressing. I know that he will get baptized. It's not going to be easy but I know that is what God wants. And there is always a way! ALWAYS! :)

Some of you asked about my extension, that was a cool experience. We went last week
to the immigration office and it turns out that we were supposed to get there like 3 hours before to get a number in the line. Turns out that there was a lady there who took us in even though we did it wrong and helped us process our paper work. That was a real blessing because my companion was about to be illegal . . . he was going to get deported!!!! But because she let us in he was able to get the extension he needed. We don't know how long we can stay, we find out this week, and by then we could of had transfers. Next week I am not sure where I will be, or when I will email, but don't worry! Whatever happens the Lord's hand is in it.

I hope that you all had an amazing week. We had a week full of miracles here in working with the members. I want you all to know that I have had a tough few weeks with not seeing very much progress. Your letters and your love and support got me through that little rough patch that I was having. You will never know how much you all mean to me!

Thank you for all you do! I will be forever grateful for you guys!

I had a dream that Austin Collie was the super bowl MVP. I guess that was a dream and
not a vision. Hahah, oh well.

Today might be my last p-day in Aruba (I honestly have no idea what will happen). So
we gotta go so I can get some last minute remembrances!

I love you all so much! Happy Birthday again dad! I can't wait until I can hear from you next week!

Oh yeah and a happy Valentine's day to all!

Go Cougars!

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